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Monday, August 15th, 2011

“More than 10,000 times the energy used by all of the people on earth is provided by the sun every day.  It is free of charge, environmentally friendly.. and available for about the next 4.5 billion years.” – Dr. Theodor Scheidegger, CEO, Sovello AG

New Product Concept Announced; Receives Award from GE

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Pythagoras Solar, the Israeli company that created a new transparent solar window, says it can generate power, reduce energy consumption and let in daylight, promising a green revolution to the construction industry in the future.

The dream of constructing a net zero-energy building has yet to become a reality, but now an Israeli company has come up with an idea that could make it possible.

The innovative product from Pythagoras Solar can be described as a solar window that combines energy efficiency, power generation and transparency.

The world’s first transparent photovoltaic glass unit (PVGU) has been designed to be easily integrated into conventional building design and construction processes. This means that existing office blocks can be retrofitted with the new material instead of energy-seeping glass windows – a process that could result in a payback of five years.
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