About Us

Arise Energy Solutions — Connecting You With A Higher Power!

Arise Energy is dedicated to helping our clients, and to educating Coloradoans regarding the benefits of renewable energy (RE) — both in terms of  the environmental impact each home can have,  and the impact on society as a whole.   Naturally we’re in business to design and install renewable energy solutions, such as photovoltaic and wind powered systems.  However, it’s our belief that our responsibility begins with an audit and necessary remediation to optimize each client’s building, before any system design work begins.  Working in this manner, each system can be sized based on a new, “optimal energy usage” baseline.  In this way we can first address any energy leaks or replace inefficient devices at relatively low cost, rather than designing a larger RE solution to accommodate the higher energy usage before optimization is performed.

We know that implementing a few key energy efficiency measures will provide the largest reduction in each building’s “energy footprint” and do so at the most affordable price possible.

Because we typically begin with an energy audit, we believe we’re able to save each client money on the front end, while still achieving an equivalent or better “carbon footprint offset” through the use of a custom designed and installed renewable energy solution.

Here’s an example:  Take a typical building constructed in the 1980’s or early 1990’s.   Right off the bat, there are likely to be areas where the original weatherstripping has deteriorated and isn’t tight any more.  Windows and doors may be leaking air…letting heat out in the winter and heat in during summer months.   Maybe wall and ceiling / attic insulation is poor in certain areas and needs beefing up.  Further, chances are that the home or business has many incandescent lights inside…lamps, ceiling fixtures, etc., which all contain standard bulbs.

In a building like this, it makes sense to first identify areas for improvement, and then  implement a series of energy reduction measures, such as new weatherstripping, additional insulation, foam seals on other wall penetrations such as duplex outlets, and a wholesale swapping of incandescent bulbs for more efficient CFLs or LEDs   We also look at replacing older appliances that are nearing end of life anyway with new, high-efficiency models — dish washers, clothes washers, dryers, air conditioners, furnaces, hot water heaters, etc.   Using this approach and then installing a smaller, “right-sized” renewable energy system, we’re able to give each client more overall energy savings improvement for the investment dollar.

Why Choose Us

  • Arise Energy will begin by seeking to fully understand your situation, your energy usage, financial constraints, and energy cost reduction and carbon footprint objectives.
  • Next, we’ll make a site visit and determine the potential for energy production via Photovoltaic solar on your rooftop.  This process includes calculations that take roof slope and roof area into consideration.
  • We’ll help you determine what rebates you qualify for, and in many cases we can apply your future rebates to your invoice, cutting your out-of-pocket cost significantly.
  • We offer the latest technologies available, including smart inverters that allow each client to look at the performance of all modules in their array by logging in on the Internet!