Save money by reducing the cost of running your air conditioning system!

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Did you know that AC condensers work more efficiently at cooler temperatures, such as when in the shade? Your air conditioning (AC) condenser is the coil inside the large condenser unit (equipment box) outside that helps with heat transfer (from inside to outside) when your central AC running.

Not all homes are sited such that it’s convenient or practical to locate the condenser unit on the North side, where it’s mostly shaded…in fact, many homes don’t have their condenser units located on the North side…thus they often aren’t operating as efficiently as possible. However, there may be a simple solution! According to Xcel Energy, by providing shading to keep the condenser unit from receiving direct sunlight, you should see at least a three (3) percent increase in efficiency, and a corresponding decrease in energy costs to run the overall system!

Necessary shading can be provided by making a simple and inexpensive wood partition that blocks sunshine from hitting the condenser unit, while still allowing a breeze to flow through. Depending on the style of partition utilized, it may also enhance the overall effect of your home’s architecture, and could even provide shading for an adjacent patio, or underneath an upper deck at the same time. (Tip courtesy of A Master’s Hands, LLC)

Duct Sealing for Comfort, Energy and Indoor Air Quality

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

WSU Extension Energy Program’s Energy Experts provide this informative video on sealing your HVAC system ducts. This is an extremely cost-effective energy efficiency action that also improves indoor air quality. This video shows how ducts move air, where common leaks are, and shows how to fix them. The video is for building professionals or do-it-yourself homeowners. Even if you aren’t planning to do the work yourself, this video shows why it is important to have it done.