Everything Is Energy

By Jim Bartlett Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 2:48 pm

Roger Duncan is a well respected expert in the area of energy solutions, and a long-time friend of Michael Kuhn, the man whose company, ImagineSolar, provided us (the founders of Arise Energy) our original NABCEP training before we launched our company.  Michael worked together with Roger Duncan to start the first Photovoltaic Solar incentive program in Texas.  The City of Austin Texas’ solar incentive program for photovoltaic systems was launched in 2004.  Roger worked at Austin Energy at the time (as VP, Distributed Energy Systems).

I want to share Roger’s latest presentation with you.  He was a keynote speaker at the last Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) Conference.  At the conference, he spoke about the future of solar power and introduced the concept of the “unified energy system.”

“The way we use energy, the way we manipulate energy, the way we monitor and move and store energy is changing and it is changing very fast,” says Roger in his presentation.  He then explains that the conventional energy system of the past is one where large centralized fossil-fueled power plants generate electricity and move it in one direction – to buildings.  Also, where our transportation sector runs entirely off petroleum and is completely disconnected from the rest of the system.  As we transform to a unified energy system, we produce power from renewable energy sources as well as fossil fuel.  Buildings not only are more efficient but they are starting to generate their own energy onsite.  The transportation system is moving away from just gasoline to a diversity of fuels and electric power.

This system is interconnected with a smart grid, a bi-directional smart grid that is not only moving information but is moving power back and forth between the points in this system.  The parts of this system are becoming more and more integrated.  The volume and speed of power and information moving between the points of this system is exponentially increasing.   And in order to handle this, we are also exponentially increasing the level of intelligence embedded in the system.  Arise Energy continues to strive to help our clients in Colorado to capitalize on renewable energy solutions, and are excited about the future we see in front of us.  As we continue to implement imbedded computing and imbedded sensors in our home and work environments, we will see more and more automation, and more and more energy savings realized as a result.  Coupled with the implementation of more solar energy solutions, we will build a more sustainable future.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to view Roger’s presentation.  There’s a surprise ending that I won’t give away.

I hope you enjoy the video “Everything is Energy”.   Here’s the link to the video:

Everything Is Energy – Roger Duncan

– Jim Bartlett, Co-Founder & CEO, Arise Energy Solutions