Our Services and Offerings

At Arise Energy Solutions, we strive to identify and procure the best possible technology components to make up the renewable energy solutions we bring to our clients. This has resulted in our selecting a handful of strategic partners in terms of product, helping us deliver superior solutions in solar energy and wind energy systems.

In the area of photovoltaic solar energy modules, we partner with several leading photovoltaic solar energy module manufacturers, including Canadian Solar, Schott, Lumos, Schuco, and are currently putting in place a relationship with SunPower as well. We believe these vendors will provide us with the flexibility and availability we need to best serve our clients for the long term.

For inverters, we have partnered with Enphase to leverage their leadership position in micro-inverters for solar energy systems. For solutions that are most appropriate for leveraging traditional string inverters, we’ve partnered with SMA and Fronius, both leaders in that segment. We have access to other components, as needed.

In terms of mounting and racking systems, we believe in utilizing engineered systems wherever possible. These have been well thought out and have received professional engineer (PE) stamps to certify that they meet all design requirements when used as specified…such as wind loads, snow loads, etc. Our preferred mounting solutions for solar energy systems include QuickMount PV, Zilla, Unirac, and Snap ‘N Rack.

The balance of the solar energy solution involves cabling and monitoring components. For monitoring, the most robust solution is provided by Enphase’s on-line “Enlighten” site, together with their “Envoy” gateway and optional “Environ” digital thermostat and remote monitoring components. Once again, we’d very much enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate the unique capabilities and ease-of-use to our clients.

Please click on the links highlighted below (or those above) to view more information on these various components in our solar energy / renewable energy solutions.

Click on the images below to view videos about the intelligent Enphase monitoring solution, which allows AES to monitor our clients’ solar energy systems down to the modular level, and easily identify and isolate problems quickly, saving our clients time and money.

Enphase Microinverter System Demonstration

Enphase Enlighten Demonstration