At Arise Energy Solutions we believe it’s critical that we be an organization that’s continuously learning and building our skill set, while also growing our team. As founders, we seek to set a good example by participating in continuing education (workshops, seminars, etc) several times each year. Within the past year we’ve traveled to Austin Texas for NABCEP training, and to both Phoenix, AZ and Raleigh NC to attend American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Annual Conferences.  We laso have attended SPI in Dallas, and regional conferences here in the Rocky Mountain area.  At each of these conferences, we’ve participated in several days of focused technical and financial training to help us better serve our clients. We also have participated in on-line seminars on new PV solar technologies, and on small-wind energy solutions.  Both founders of Arise Energy Solutions are certified NABCEP Solar PV InstallersTM.

There are also a number of training and educational opportunities available locally (here in Colorado) for those interested in becoming involved in renewable energy. Thus, we frequently refer our team members and prospective workers to such programs.

One local educational program that we believe is an excellent value is offered by Pickens Technical College here in Aurora, Colorado. We have an informal relationship with Pickens, and with the senior instructor running the Renewable Energy program there. This relationship includes having Pickens RE Program students serve as interns in our organization, which allows them to gain additional hands-on experience and exposure to the details associated with a wider range of system installations than they could in the course and labs alone. Thus, we regularly refer people interested in working in our industry to the Pickens program as a great place to get solid RE training at a very affordable price.

Renewable Energy from Dave Shirley on Vimeo.