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NABCEP-Seal-JimAt Arise Energy Solutions, we assist clients in making their homes or businesses more energy efficient, while helping them save money and reduce their carbon footprint through implementing effective renewable energy solutions. At AES, we design and install the highest performing solar energy systems available for our clients. As the leading solar energy contractor in Colorado, our solutions range in size from 1 kilowatt to 10’s or 100’s of kilowatts, based on the available real estate on a client’s roof or ground surface. Our solutions help power homes, businesses — even agricultural facilities.

Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, our team has extensive experience, professional NABCEP certification, and a real passion for solar energy in Colorado. We closely link design/modeling, building/installing, and monitoring to provide integrated solar solutions to our clients that deliver the highest return on investment. We’ve carefully selected the premier components and built solid relationships with the top vendors in the industry, enabling us to get the solar modules, inverters, mounting systems and other materials needed to build superior systems and install them on schedule, and on-budget.

Our professional in-house design and installation teams deliver carefree, turnkey solar energy systems to our customers, who love our world-class customer care. Most important, we stand behind every system we install 100%, ensuring complete client satisfaction every time. If you’re intrigued and want to explore the potential for lower energy costs at your home or business, give us a call! Ph: 720-468-3225

Why Solar Energy?

Adding a solar electric system in your home or business is an easy way to take advantage of regional incentives, invest in the value of your home or businesses, and protect the environment by using clean, renewable energy… Read More

Why Now?

With the current Xcel Energy utility company state rebates, renewable energy credits, and Federal tax credits to help offset the cost now is the time to install a solar electric system… Read More

Why Arise?

At Arise Energy Solutions we take a unique approach to determining the ideal overall solution for each client. Many installers use satellite photos to estimate the type and size of system to be installed, before even making a site visit. In contrast, we at Arise… Read More

Good News for Colorado Clients: Xcel Energy continues their rebates, which currently is a Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) of $0.14/kilowatt hour, paid out monthly for the first 10 years of system ownership. Contact us for the latest information on rebates and they change frequently. Call us for more information on this innovative program, or to see what other incentives may apply to your property and economic situation.

Federal Government offers 30% tax credit for new renewable energy installations. Call us for more information.

We provide our clients the best solar system components available, leveraging partnerships with leading manufacturers. For example, Schott Solar is a German-based company with top-notch engineering, coupled with manufacturing based here in the U.S. Withover 53 years experience in solar technology, Scott Solar employs more than 2,200 people worldwide, 100 of them in research and development. Another AES supplier is Canadian Solar Inc.. CSI is a leading vertically integrated provider of ingot, wafer, solar cell, solar module and other solar applications, and currently is one of the world’s largest solar module producers by manufacturing capacity, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia.
Famous American inventor Thomas Edison was an early proponent of renewable energy. In fact, in 1911 Edison made drawings of a windmill coupled with batteries and a small electric generator designed to provide houses in rural areas with enough electric power for lighting at night. He also considered solar energy to have tremendous potential.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”
– Thomas A. Edison (in a speech in 1931)

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